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Geek Love – Lego Built Super 8 Projector

By admin   |    May 17, 2011 2:54 am    |   Tech.

Although Super8 film projectors are now beyond absolute, that did not stop is Camera nut Friedemann Wachsmuth. His painstakingly constructed a fully functional Super 8 Movie Projector using only Lego Technic (well almost). The only non-Lego parts are the lens, the reel spindles and the lamp.  Lego projector runs at 24fps without mangling celluloid, not bad for only the most minor use of non-Lego parts. A labor of camera geek love.

The projector uses just two engines and is fully featured with automatic feeding, 24 fps, fast rewind and 120m reel capabilities. A decent LED flashlight makes it pretty amazingly bright.

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