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Jersey Shore meets Sesame Street

By admin   |    October 2, 2010 12:25 am    |   Videos

┬áJimmy Kimmel Live took an idea of Sesame Street to a whole new level when Jimmy brought the cast of Jersey Shore to the show. In a hilarious segment he called Sesame Shore, the cast of Jersey Shore gave Sesame Street an adult make-over that went way past Katy Perry’s questionable segment.

Calling it Sesame Shore, it had a few of the moments from Jersey Shore we have come to expect: puking, pickles and an occasional introduction to landmines and grenades. It was even funnier when the counting lesson was all about ‘The Situation’ when counting on his abs.

While Katy Perry didn’t make the Sesame Street cut, neither would Sesame Shore. It is however extremely funny and appropriate for anyone who likes the Jersey Shore show on MTV.

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