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Dior Christal

By admin   |    August 13, 2010 1:26 am    |   Fashion, Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion

Dior wristwatches impress me by luxury, creation and craftsmanship. Each time when I am fed up with the traditional styles, the famous brand always shocks me by its masterpieces. Among so many surprises, Dior Christal Diamond Wristwatch impressed me by its neutral beauty. It is not only a cool piece for women, but also a satisfying jewelry for men. Just one look and you are reluctant to move your sight from it.

From the classic gloomy blue to the passionate bright red, then to the cool and fashionable black, each one is leading the trend of neutral beauty. They are the perfect combination of romantic customization and Swiss professional watch-making craftsmanship, designed by the world famous masters.

Actually, the customized Dior Christal Diamond series was launched by the woman designer, John Galliano, in 2005. This representative classic was inspired by the Rock & Roll star, Patti Smith. John Galliano cut the usual sapphire crystal which is usually used for watch glass making into pyramid shape then inlayed them on the strap and bezel, making Dior become the first watch brand which utilized sapphire crystal material into watch decoration. The watch name, Dior Christal, is also very interesting. It is the compound word of Christian Dior and Crystal.

This year, the designer comes up with another novelty, using super large watch dial and super slim thickness to create a strong visual effect. Unimaginably, it is the convergence of masculine power and feminine charm. Similar to all Dior watches, it is encased with the emblem sapphire crystal. The uniqueness of this 42mm automatic mechanical wristwatch relies on the innovative diamonds cut. Different from the formal design with all the diamonds cut in the same size, the new timepiece widened the diamonds in the central row to make the whole watch more powerful. In order to soften the toughness, designers especially changed the usual pyramid cut into roundness. Accented by the stainless steel sheen, it perfectly interprets the masculine beauty and neutral fashion.

Besides the black sapphire crystal style, it also comes with the luxury style with 190 brilliant diamonds encased. The extraordinary ETA2824 automatic movement makes this kind of wristwatch fashionable and valuable, continuing to lead the neutral trend in the fashion circle. Such a masterpiece drives the fashionistas who are addicted to Dior magnificent design and professional movement mad.

Retail Price: $3,150.00

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