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Hackers and Adobe – Security Issues

By admin   |    March 1, 2011 1:17 am    |   Tech.
Do you use Adobe products? If you use PDF files or view Flash videos, there’s a very good chance you do.

Adobe Reader is a very popular PDF reader that is heavily used because it is created by the same company that created PDF files. Whenever a site distributes a PDF file, there’s usually going to be some button that prompts you do download Adobe Reader if you are having trouble viewing the file.

The problem is that because of the product’s popularity, it is frequently the target for hackers. Here’s an interesting infographic I stumbled upon today on Twitter about the rapid increase in security exploits involving PDF files and Adobe. Click to view enlarged version.

Infographic Source: Investintech

Remember that Adobe Reader is hardly the only PDF reader out there. There are many alternatives that have far less security vulnerabilities (and not to mention less bloat) including Nitro Reader and SlimPDF.

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