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Lucid Absinthe Supe’rieure Review

By admin   |    October 3, 2010 11:28 pm    |   The Pub

Honestly, I’m new to the absinthe experience so I’ve spent a week reading and learning all the details that went into the creation of absinthe from the history of its banishment to its revolutionary return. I can tell you this, absinthe isn’t something to be afraid of drinking, as a matter of fact, it’s very tasty.

Our first absinthe review will be Lucid Absinthe and the symbolism shouldn’t be ignored. Lucid Absinthe Supérieure was the first approved absinthe in the United States since prohibition making its way to the US in 2007. This is the first true absinthe (legally) in the United States since 1912 and it’s also the first absinthe I’ve had the chance to write about but not the first I’ve had a chance to taste.

Lucid brings a 62% ABV, that’s a 124-Proof spirit so we’re going to respect it and play carefully. Once I pour the Lucid, it displays a white milky color with tints of green in the glass. I expected it to be a bit greener and more clear but it’s much more cloudy and opaque.

The Lucid Absinthe Supérieure has a subtle smell, with hints of fennel and a slight candy-licorice scent. There is not as much herbal properties as I’ve seen in other absinthe’s but sometimes subtle scents are more intriguing and playful. There isn’t too much earthiness to the nose and, overall, I think this absinthe is a great introduction to the spirit. Most new folks unfamiliar with absinthe will find this less intense in the anise flavorings making it easier to handle when sipping.

The taste of Lucid leans more towards mild citrus with touches of acidic flavors. I found the mid-palate transition bringing a bit of alcohol on the tongue counterbalanced by subtle sweetness and numbing sensations on the finish. The full experience is a lighter aroma with lighter flavors and subtle herbal qualities that make Lucid an enjoyable beverage, but not extremely complex. It’s possible to find Lucid Absinthe Supérieure for $60.00, which is a costly amount to experiment with Absinthe if you’ve never had the tastes on your tongue before.

 Luckily, Lucid offers a great introduction into the world of Absinthe by not overpowering the senses with potent powers of anise and other flavors that remind me of black licorice, but less sweet. I highly recommend checking out Lucid Absinthe Supérieure if you’re looking to experiment in absinthe for the first time, you may also find it works well in cocktails calling for absinthe as it will not overpower the drink.

Don’t listen to the stereotypes, rumors and old wives tales about the green liquid, Absinthe is like other alcohols with herbal green flavors that will expand your palate and bring it to places it has never been before. It’s definitely worth the try and would be fun to introduce to others.

3 Responses to “Lucid Absinthe Supe’rieure Review”

  1. Floyd Lacorte says:

    thanks for this article

  2. Matt says:

    It could be cloudy because the recipe to serve absinthe calls for a certain amount of water and a sugar cube, then you stir it together. The one that I purchased was almost a neon colored green until I mixed the said ingredients.

    Still and awesome article, thanks!

  3. Krajewski says:

    unsurprisingly good

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