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McIntosh MXA60 Integrated Audio System

By admin   |    July 31, 2010 1:50 am    |   Tech.


McIntosh Laboratory has long been a global leader in home entertainment and offering time-honored McIntosh craftsmanship, incomparable aesthetics and audio superiority. McIntosh Laboratory has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction for 60 years and offers the company’s first-ever standalone integrated audio system – 60th Anniversary MXA60 Integrated Audio System (US MSRP: $7,500).
The MXA60 Integrated Audio System was designed by the same team of renowned McIntosh engineers who created the company’s high performance Reference System. The new ultimate-quality tabletop system features a high-performance 75-watt-per-channel amplifier, state-of-the-art CD/SACD/MP3 player, vacuum tube preamplifier, as well as an AM/FM/RBDS Tuner and high performance, two-way bass reflex loudspeaker system that packs all the legendary McIntosh sound into a smaller package.
The MXA60 is designed with a solid all-metal casework, backlit glass faceplates with Peak Reading Wattmeters and heirloom quality construction, anodized aluminum accents. MXA60 also includes  a powerful 75-watt transistor-based amplifier that features Sentry Monitor fuse-less short-circuit protection and Power Guard anti-clipping circuitry, ensuring distortion-free performance and reliability.
The dual low-distortion loudspeakers of the the McIntosh Labs MXA60 creates a rich soundscape that is perfect for enjoying ultimate quality audio performance in any sized room. The MXA60’s two-way loudspeakers, with a four-inch diameter mid-woofers, provide an astounding level of high-quality audio from a surprisingly compact package.
An incredible audio system – MXA60 by McIntosh Laboratory achieves a high level of performance and presents the listener with an engaging, palpable sense of realism.

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