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Paranormal Activity 2 – A Must See!!!

By admin   |    October 28, 2010 12:55 am    |   Random

Paranormal Activity 2 as expected is leading this week’s top 10 movies chart. There are movies and there are sequels. Then there is Paranormal Activity and then there is Paranormal Activity 2. If the first one made you jump out of the chair, this one will do the same times 10!!! This is a real-deal Halloween film .

The setting is not very different from the previous installment. It is the similar haunting locations made even more haunting with the camera angles. Revealing much about the story will become a spoiler. It would suffice to say just this much, that this time round the central character is a family that has been targeted by something supernatural. And at the center of it all is the baby in the family, baby hunter. Rest of it needs to be seen to be felt.

The performances are great, but what really is the mainstay here is the presentation or screenplay in more technical terms. It just unfolds beautifully, with just the right amount of chills and thrills incorporated with just the perfect timing. While you sit watching the events unfold, there is this constant sense of uneasiness about the air which does not let you relax until the last frame. This is where the movie clinches it all. It sticks so brilliantly to its genre and rather comes out shining and exemplary on how good horror is created with simple yet effective ways of playing on the mind of audience. So, for this one, I would say the real hero is Todd Williams who steered his crew really well. Also the script writers deserve fair amount of credit.

On the acting front, Sprague Grayden completely stands out. She has done an outstanding job. This clearly ranks among her best work till date. Even the scenes where the baby is shown all helpless are very effective. All in all, this is one movie which is quite tough to put out of mind after watching.

This is definitely not to be missed and preferably to be viewed in your nearest theater. Waiting for the DVD would be such a waste. I’m a film buff and love the grit that the theater projector adds to the image. After a long time, a satisfying horror experience! Now if I can just get my assistant to be brave enough, I can go see it again!

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