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The Emperor Has Been Dethroned

By admin   |    July 3, 2010 7:26 pm    |   MMA, Sports   |    3 Comments

Saturday the 16th was a day I never thought would come, the day Fedor Emelianenko was beaten!!! Fedor lost by submission in 1:09 of the first round, thanks to Fabricio Werdum. Fedor had held a record of 31-1, the one loss due to a cut above the eye, which he later revenged. Fedor’s loss can actually be good for MMA and Fedor. He obviously is overweight and he hasn’t recently shown the speed of attack that separated him from the rest in the past. He might come into his next fight in better shape. He also was the best because Fedor would spend some time during a fight in his opponents’ skill strength, and still win. He punched it out with Kazuyuki Fujita standup, grounded-and-pounded with Nogueira, wrestled with Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman, kicked with Cro Cop, etc. He obviously went too far with Werdum, leaving his head down and arms extended in Werdum’s guard. Fedor might want to do what Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva do, stay away from your opponent’s strengths and dominate on your terms. It’s not as challenging, but far less risky.

Frank Shamrock Retires

By admin   |    12:30 am    |   MMA, Sports   |    0 Comments

Saturday night’s Strikeforce event in San Jose saw one MMA legend fall (Fedor Emelianenko), while another announced that he was hanging up the gloves for good after a career that spanned 15 years and a record of  23 – 10 – 2. At 37 years old, an emotional Frank Shamrock declared that his time as a fighter had reached its end. “I’m 37 years old now, and my time has come,” he said Saturday. “The stars like Gilbert Melendez and Cristiane ‘Cyborg,’ they’re the future and I am the past. Tonight I announce my retirement. This will be the last time I walk into this cage as a fighter. It was an honor to bleed for you,” he said, “to break my bones for you and to entertain you.” Frank explained in an interview earlier this week that since his fight with Nick Diaz over a year ago, he hasn’t been the same.

Frank Shamrock: It was just my body and the time. I put the machine back in the shop and ramped it up and it just didn’t perform. The last time in my fight with Nick – it used to be that it didn’t matter how hurt I was going into a fight, I always performed. When I fought Nick I didn’t perform. I had injuries that wouldn’t allow me to play my game and to entertain. So I knew when I tried to put my body to work again, it’s done. The machine’s down. I just can’t race it any more.

EvilStar would like to thank Frank for years of incredible fights and wish him luck in life and all his future endeavors.