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MartinLogan Vantage Electrostatic Loadspeaker

By admin   |    July 18, 2010 12:01 am    |   Tech.   |    0 Comments

Well, MartinLogan is at it again with their newest lineup of speakers, the Vantage (reviewed here), Vista and Purity. The Vantage has MartinLogan’s XStat panel, which up until the CLX’s arrival was the latest and greatest transducer in MartinLogan’s arsenal. The Vantage features a 200-watt eight-inch powered aluminum bass driver, which is ported in the rear, giving the Vantage an overall frequency response of 32-23,000Hz. The Vantage is efficient, with a reported sensitivity of 92dB into a four-ohm load. Since the Vantage is compact, one has to suppose that MartinLogan is going after consumers with more traditional or moderately-sized listening/viewing rooms. Coupled with the Vantage’s relatively good efficiency, this means a powerful receiver or budget separates system should power them nicely.