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Saint Luis Rey Petit Coronas – Review

By admin   |    July 30, 2011 9:52 am    |   The Pub   |    0 Comments

Saint Luis Rey Petit Coronas Review:

Origin: Cuba Manufactured: Hand Made
Gauge: Medium
Length: 129 mm
Score: 7.9

Good little surprise here! SLR taste profile, which was weakened by the fact of the narrower ring gauge. They have concentrated a lot of the qualities of their expert torcedores and tobacco leave selectors to present a good petit corona. I like the slight spice/grass taste which makes me an SLR fan and was pleased at how this smoked. Slowly, with ample amounts of leather and spice Рthis smokes like a much larger cigar. Most enjoyable. Smoothness throughout. Same as the rest of the family.

What a pleasant cigar in the best sense of the word. Smooth, creamy, good draw, nice white ash, superb looking wrapper and a good price, what more can you ask for in a small cigar.