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Leaked Semi-nude Photographs of Christina Aguilera

By admin   |    December 10, 2010 1:04 am    |   Galleries, Girls, Random

Semi-nude photographs of singer Christina Aguilera have leaked online, leaving the pop star “embarrassed” and “horrified.”  The photos show Aguilera half naked in her underwear with bits of fabric adorned with jewels draped over her body, and according to reports, she believes somebody had hacked into her personal stylist’s account. It said the racy pictures are from Christina Aguilera’s personal stylist.  Also revealed are pictures of the songstress in her typical Marilyn Monroe look.

Speculative fans wonder if this is a staged publicity stunt to create buzz for her new movie Burlesque, or a malicious act by the hacker.  These Christina Aguilera pictures seem to be shot around the time of the racy Not Myself Tonight music video and several months before her imminent divorce and other life changing events. Enjoy.

Click Here for All the Photos:

If you have not seen the racy Not Myself Tonight music video, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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