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Power Balance Really Power Scam

By admin   |    January 4, 2011 12:12 am    |   Random

Around the world people are saying .”OMG! So this necklace and wrist band does really have holographic powers?!?! NO WAY!” well Folks “YES WAY, it’s all a scam.”  Who’s are our credible source you ask. None other than the the makers of the necklaces and bracelets themselves.

Here’s their statement:

In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility.

We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

If you feel you have been misled by our promotions, we wish to unreservedly apologies and offer a full refund.

OK, so people around the world probably are not really saying that. (but I will bet you at least a few are).  The fact that this is a scam is not really news to anyone, but the fact that a regulatory authority has made them admit that their claims are a simply a fraud is a surprising first.  Bravo to the Aussies I say.

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