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Sunglasses: Rad in Retro

By admin   |    April 15, 2011 2:10 am    |   Fashion, Women's Fashion

Rad in Retro


Sunglasses, what would we do without them? They stylishly keep the sun out of our eyes, and more importantly, help hide our faces after those long, crazy nights that you will never forget (or cant seem to remember). As you all may or may not know, everything in fashion recycles itself over time and right now the most trendy of people are rocking the following retro styles.



The Wayfarer (Unisex): Originated by Ray-Ban in 1952, these glasses have become a staple item for ‘cool’ kids everywhere by being possibly the #1 best selling sun glass design in history.

The Aviator (Unisex): Received their name due to the similarities to flying goggles. The original Aviators attempted to cover the full range of the human eye but variations have been flooding the market since their beginning.

I call this one the Round Eye, though there is no specific name for it. Think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This particular photo is of a women’s style by Alexandra Cassaniti and RAEN Optics but there are other variations for men as well, like the photo below made by the Row for Linda Farrow (Totally John Lennon style).

Those these styles may seem outlandish and a little strange to some, this quirky-ness is very much in style right now. Try giving your current stunner shades a  break and rock something different for a change J Who knows, you might  actually like it!

-Sasha Kiyoka

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