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Kim Kardashian Wears Fur

By Melissa the Great   |    November 16, 2010 10:37 pm    |   Fashion, Women's Fashion

November 1st 2010 Kim Kardashian was spotted court side at the Miami Heat vs. New Jersey Nets game and in a risqué garment. Although Kim is known for unique and classy style of dress, this garment took her fashion to a new level. Wearing all black with custom made knee high boots and single long sleeved fur garment. Like Joan River’s stated on Fashion Police, we are surprised PETA hasn’t thrown paint at Kim.

I love fur, and the beauty that comes along with garments. I am neither pro nor against the fur industry and their ways of obtaining fur. I do believe cruelty to animals is not acceptable, but fur has been a main source of clothing for centuries. There is nothing wrong with wearing fur, but you should feel guilty for wearing a useless garment that would only be worn once. Fur is status statement of wealth and beauty, and by the looks of it, Kim is stating that she doesn’t care and will wear something foolish no matter what the cost is. Kim, I love you and your amazing style, but I definitely do not agree with this garment. She should have re-thought this fur piece.


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