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The First Lady of Fashion

By Melissa the Great   |    December 8, 2010 10:31 am    |   Fashion, Women's Fashion   |    0 Comments

Michelle Obama has brought back Hollywood to the White House. For years we have missed the glamour in the White House.  Fortunately for us Michelle Obama came into office with her Calvin Klein Oscar De La Renta, Isabel Toledo, and Nina Ricie. She favors chic suites in bright colors and sleeveless dress to show off her tones arms. She has appeared in Vanity Fair’s best dressed list several times and we all salute her.

Michelle Obama has returned our nations fashion icon back to the office. With all eyes on the office at all times, the leading lady needs to be looking and demonstrating her best. Women today have lost their sense of femininity and/ or sense of self respect. Michelle is helping us get back in to the groove of the classic, feminine clothing, to dress and feel like a women. Thank you Michelle Obama for bring back fashion into the political world.

Karl Lagerfeld at Macy’s

By admin   |    November 29, 2010 1:43 am    |   Fashion, Women's Fashion   |    0 Comments

The news is out! November 23rd Karl Lagerfeld was announced to be the third designer in a new designer series of collaborations at Macy’s. Whatever Karl decides to design for Macy’s the cost of the garments will be significantly less then he has ever done before. Although Lagerfeld was the first to design for H&M, this is a new fashion vehicle to conquer. Li & Fung, a licensing firm based out of Hong Kong that represents many other labels such as; Rachel Zoe and Jennifer Lopez’s line at Kohl’s, will be handling licensing for Karl Lagerfeld at Macy’s as well.

It is always refreshing to hear a loved and adored designer is going to create a line that everyone can purchase. This economical downfall has given us the opportunity to take advantage of the crisis and create clothing at affordable prices for the average Joe. Although some would argue that the designer is losing their exclusivity when creating a line anyone can buy. In all reality, it’s smart. Who wouldn’t want a garment created by a genius that has single handedly created the world’s best garments for Chanel and Fendi. The average Joe deserves to enjoy the fruits of fashion as well. Karl’s line is to hit stores next fall. Make sure you keep an eye out.


Kim Kardashian Wears Fur

By Melissa the Great   |    November 16, 2010 10:37 pm    |   Fashion, Women's Fashion   |    0 Comments

November 1st 2010 Kim Kardashian was spotted court side at the Miami Heat vs. New Jersey Nets game and in a risqué garment. Although Kim is known for unique and classy style of dress, this garment took her fashion to a new level. Wearing all black with custom made knee high boots and single long sleeved fur garment. Like Joan River’s stated on Fashion Police, we are surprised PETA hasn’t thrown paint at Kim.

I love fur, and the beauty that comes along with garments. I am neither pro nor against the fur industry and their ways of obtaining fur. I do believe cruelty to animals is not acceptable, but fur has been a main source of clothing for centuries. There is nothing wrong with wearing fur, but you should feel guilty for wearing a useless garment that would only be worn once. Fur is status statement of wealth and beauty, and by the looks of it, Kim is stating that she doesn’t care and will wear something foolish no matter what the cost is. Kim, I love you and your amazing style, but I definitely do not agree with this garment. She should have re-thought this fur piece.


Fashion: Pick of the Month

By Melissa the Great   |    October 24, 2010 1:10 am    |   Fashion, Women's Fashion   |    0 Comments

Fashion week has come to an end in LA this past week. With final shows from Anthony Franco, Skingraft, Ashton Michael, Ximena Valero and many more, LA made its mark. Going through the many LA designers and shows, I came across White Trash Beautiful.  The collection consisted of light flowing sheer fabrics, with soothing pastels and floral prints. Youthful and chick and perfect for the LA fashion week.               

One look stood out in particular that spoke  to me.  A romantic opaque eggplant colored, flowing long sleeved top.  Flowing sheer fabric that nicely hugs the body, long Juliette flowing sleeves, paired off with a pair of leather pants.  Although the top says soothing and girly, the leather pants give it that LA edge that LA is known for. Rocker meets Romantic. Awesome look and great piece for White Trash Beautiful. Viva La Fashion Week.

Gaultier’s farewell to Hermes

By Melissa the Great   |    October 17, 2010 12:29 am    |   Fashion   |    0 Comments

October 7th Fashion week Paris featured Jean Paul Gaultier’s final line with Hermes.  After 7 years as artistic designer for French line Hermes, Gaultier has stepped down to focus on his line. Christophe Lama ire  who served as artist director at Lacoste since 2001 will be replacing Gaultier at Hermes. Although Hermes is sad to see Gaultiers leave the relationship between the two is not completely over.

Gaultier’s made heads turn with his final line with Hermes. Gaultier featured a chic equestrian line in buttery suede’s and calfskin.  Horseback riding in style! His lines and silhouettes were beautiful and genius.  Like the rest of the fashion world, I am sad to see Gaultier leave Hermes, but I am excited to see what Gaultier comes out with his own line. Gaultier we’re ready for you!!!

Robert Cavalli 2011 spring-summer collection in Milan

By Melissa the Great   |    October 9, 2010 12:40 am    |   Fashion, Women's Fashion   |    0 Comments

On September 29, 2010  Robert Cavalli brought to Milan his new 2011 spring summer collection. Different from all the other shows in Milan Roberto Cavalli showcased a Chick Hippy look lined with fringe. He also showcased a new line of handbags with long shoulder stapes and even longer hemlines. The new line is defiantly a move from his tight fitting animal print lines, he moved his new line into dresses, skirts, muted tones and sheer fabrics. This was defiantly a very high talked about show.

Roberto Cavalli defiantly out did himself this time around, and I must admit that I love the new line. A fresh new feel for the long time loved 67′ Hippie look. The use of fabric and color in each look had me excited to see what was coming next down the runway. My favorite look of the show was the crème colored pants lined with fringe, and see a throw long sleeve crème top also lined with fringe down the front. All in all this is my favorite show in  Milan Fashion Week. I will defiantly be looking forward to recreating this look.

Click here for more Pictures of Robert Cavalli’s Line on the Runway

Queen of Bikinis

By Melissa the Great   |    October 2, 2010 12:21 am    |   Fashion, Women's Fashion   |    0 Comments

For years I have struggled to find bikini bottoms that fit me right. They always seem to fit me loosely in the butt area and being a skinny girl, that doesn’t seem to look right. Once I started Go-go dancing, I discovered the amazing scrunchy butt bottoms. Scrunched in the middle of the bottom to fit everyone behinds nicely and make your butt look amazing. Life was even better when I found a shop that provided the cutest bikinis with scrunchy butts. I know, spit it out already. What’s the name of this amazing store?  Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Chynna Dolls located in Buena Park, CA right around the corner from Knott’s Berry Farm. Chynna Dolls is a leading provider of exotic swimwear, dancewear and accessories. They got it all; including Go-go boots, exotic shoes, dresses, Halloween costumes, and all other kinds of goodies. Luckily for me Chynna Dolls has agreed to sponsor my Volume Vamps for this month’s event at the Grove of Anaheim on October 29th, 2010. Come check out me and my girls in our one of a kind Chynna Doll costumes and enjoy some amazing house beats.  Please be sure to check out Chynna dolls at www.chynnadolls.com for their latest line. Scrunchy butts are the new wave people, let’s all climb aboard!!