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UFC 125 – Edgar vs. Maynard Tie

By admin   |    January 2, 2011 1:05 am    |   MMA, Sports   |    0 Comments

For five minutes, Gray Maynard looked like the best 155-pound fighter in the world, but he could not extinguish the considerable fire housed within UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

Some say there was little “Resolution” in UFC 125 as Edgar retained his title in a hotly contested draw with Maynard on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, weathering a first round in which he was brutalized by nearly 100 power punches from the challenger. Two judges scored it 48-46, one for Maynard and another for Edgar. A third saw it a 47-47 deadlock.

“It was a great fight,” Edgar said. “Gray came in hard. S—, I don’t know.”

That Edgar reached Round 2 was a monumental feat in itself. Clocked by a ringing left hook a little more than a minute into the match, he was on his heels for the remainder of the first round. Maynard appeared close to finishing it on a number of occasions, as he waylaid the champion with a relentless volley of punches, highlighted by a pair of wicked right uppercuts. Miraculously, Edgar stayed alive, even as he teetered on the brink. When asked what he remembered about the first five minutes, he replied, “Not much.”

Maynard’s pace slowed noticeably in the second round, and Edgar crept back into the fight. His speed, footwork and quick combinations returned, along with a powerful slam that wowed the Sin City crowd. The back-and-forth encounter spilled into round three, as Maynard answered with power punches and a pair of takedowns of his own.

Edgar secured two takedowns in the fourth and threatened his challenger with a standing guillotine choke against the cage. Maynard escaped and pushed the fight into the final round. There, Edgar utilized a variety of strikes — combinations, jabs and knees to the head and body — to keep Maynard guessing and the 155-pound belt around his waist. They traded blows at the end of it, providing a fitting finish to a memorable rematch.

“Felt good,” Edgar said. “Felt like the first round didn’t happen. It was a close fight. What are you going to do?”

Maynard, still unbeaten as a professional, did not feel the draw did his performance justice.

“I kind of punched myself out in the first [round], so [in] round two, I couldn’t really go that hard,” he said. “But I thought I won one, three and five. Five was a close one, but I think I pushed the pace, and I thought I won. That’s what I thought. I thought it was a 10-8 [first round] and then me in the third and me in the fifth.”

UFC 123 – Rampage vs Machida

By admin   |    November 6, 2010 1:05 am    |   MMA, Sports   |    0 Comments

“UFC 123: Rampage vs. Machida” takes place Nov. 20 at the Palace at Auburn Hills in suburban Detroit.  The evening’s main event sees former light heavyweight champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Lyoto Machida clash, while the night’s co-feature sees MMA legends Matt Hughes and B.J. Penn clash for a third time.


Jackson (30-8 MMA, 5-2 UFC) looks to bounce back from a May loss to nemesis Rashad Evans at UFC 114. The contest was the culmination of 14 months worth of rivalry and a coaching gig on “The Ultimate Fighter” opposite Evans.  Prior to the loss, Jackson had earned back-to-back victories over Keith Jardine and Wanderlei Silva.

Meanwhile, Machida (16-1 MMA, 8-1 UFC) also looks to bounce back from a loss – the first defeat of his career. “The Dragon” was knocked out in the first round of his May rematch with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and relinquished his belt in the process.  Prior to the defeat, Machida had earned eight-straight UFC wins and both claimed and once defended the UFC’s light heavyweight title.

UFC 121 Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar

By admin   |    October 24, 2010 12:23 am    |   MMA, Sports   |    0 Comments

Break down of the Title Fight:

Lesnar ties up early and unloads a big hurt on Cain. Knees to the chin and chest! Holy cow! Lesnar grabs Cain’s leg and takes him down! Not even 30 seconds yet! Cain gets up and he’s on the fence. Lesnar won’t let go of his leg. They continue to grabble, then Lesnar flips his down, and Cain gets right back up…he breaks lose and they’re back to fighting in the center. Brock swinging, Cain takes Lesnar down! Rear mount, ground and pound. Lesnar back up, swinging. Lesnar rushes him, loses his balance…he spins across the cage. Lesnar in trouble! He’s down, Cain on top punching the crap out of his face. Lesnar gets turned around, protects his face, but Cain crouches on him, a knee on his chest and keeps punishing him. Cain gets up, Lesnar gets up, Cain punches him and he goes down. Hammer fists from Cain. Brock not defending himself and the ref stops the fight! It’s all over at 4:46 in the first round! Cain Velasquez wins! Brock is covered in blood! Cain Velasquez is the new UFC heavyweight champion in the world!

MMA Girl Arianny Celeste Nude for Playboy HQ

By admin   |    October 21, 2010 1:49 am    |   Galleries, Girls, MMA, Sports   |    12 Comments

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Mir KO’s Cro-Cop!!!

By admin   |    September 26, 2010 11:02 pm    |   MMA, Sports   |    0 Comments

The saying goes “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”

Even so, the first 14 minutes of Saturday’s main event of UFC 119 tested the patience of the 15,811 fans who packed Conseco Fieldhouse, and not even a knockout finish in the final minute of the bout could change fans’ opinions of Frank Mir and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic’s heavyweight encounter as restless fans showered boos for the lack of action.

Mir spent the bulk of the fight bullying the Croatian striker into the fence and using his mass to wear down his opponent. But, Mir wasn’t active enough in the clinch, forcing referee Herb Dean to separate the two and restart the bout in the middle.

When the two did engage, it wasn’t with a flurry of fists and feet that fans were anticipating. With just over a minute left in the third and final round, a decision from the judges seemed to be the likely outcome. Then Mir landed a right knee strike to the jaw of the former Croatian police anti-terrorist commando and knocked out the 36-year-old striker to pick up his 14th career victory.

The fans’ dissatisfaction was also shared by the victor in the post-fight press conference.

“The only thing I can take from this is that I beat him without a single takedown. That’s the only positive I take from this,” Mir said. “I can breathe easy that it didn’t go to a judges’ decision. I guess a sloppy win is better than a sloppy loss. That being said, the knockout was the only highlight. I’m completely upset with my performance.”

Randy Couture wins over James Toney!!!

By admin   |    August 29, 2010 12:14 am    |   MMA, Sports   |    1 Comment

Couture looks as relaxed as can be, smiling in the cage. Toney a bit more tense, pacing back and forth. He’s got ankle wraps on both feet. The two touch gloves before the opening bell.

Round 1: Toney’s on the ground in 15 seconds. Couture straight to mount. He usually prefers side control. The crowd chants “UFC! UFC!” Couture lands hard strikes from the top. Toney is so wide that Couture has a tough time staying on top, but he takes him to the cage. Still in full mount. Toney’s survived midway through. Couture goes to the arm triangle. Toney survives that too. Couture is still on top. It’s one-sided but Toney survives. Couture goes back to the arm triangle. This time he advances position and locks it in, and Toney taps out.

Winner: Randy Couture via arm triangle choke, Rd. 1

Toney goes over to shake Couture’s hand after the fight.

Anderson Silva pulls off a miracle against Chael Sonnen

By admin   |    August 11, 2010 1:51 am    |   MMA, Sports   |    2 Comments

Anderson Silva faced by far the toughest test of his UFC career as Chael Sonnen used his wrestling game to dominate the champion. Silva was even rocked on the feet a few times in punching exchanges. While Sonnen was clearly winning the fight by getting takedowns and being on top landing short punches Silva was still cutting him up with elbows from the bottom.

 Heading into the fifth Silva needed to finish the fight for any chance to win the fight but slipped in a punching exchange and was caught underneath Sonnen yet again. Sonnen got sloppy and Anderson slipped a leg around his neck and sunk in a triangle choke. With the choke locked in, Silva transitioned to an armbar and Sonnen tapped out. Sonnen had, no doubt, won every round up until that point and I had even given round 1 to Sonnen 10-8.

 Silva showed the heart of a champion and the finishing skills that make him the best in the world. Sonnen proved that he actually deserved to be in the cage with the world’s best fighter by never backing down and dominating the fight until the final submission.

 The comeback by Brock Lesnar against Shane Carwin has serious competition for comeback of the year with this one.

Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez – It’s Official!!!

By admin   |    July 17, 2010 2:05 am    |   MMA, Sports   |    1 Comment

Update: Brock Lesnar’s next fight has become official. He’ll be taking on Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 on October 23, 2010, at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Ca.

Brock wins again!!!

By admin   |    July 4, 2010 3:25 pm    |   MMA, Sports   |    0 Comments

After a spectacular card filled with fights that drew fans in the sellout crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena out of their seats repeatedly, Shane Carwin seemed set to close the show in a major way. The interim Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion rocked champion Brock Lesnar with a crushing left hook early in the first round of their title unification bout and spent the rest of the round pounding on him relentlessly. Lesnar was pummeled like never before, but he managed to survive the round, and Carwin wasn’t able to do the same in the second. Lesnar took Carwin down early in the second, gained great position and slapped an arm triangle choke on Carwin. Carwin (12-1) was never able to move Lesnar and he was forced to tap at 2:19. “I stand before you a humble champion and I’m still the toughest S.O.B. around, baby,” Lesnar said. Lesnar (5-1) was taking huge shots on the ground, but he said he knew Carwin was tiring and that if he could hang in there, he would be all right. “I knew he was getting tired,” Lesnar said. “Each shot was less dramatic than the other.”

The Emperor Has Been Dethroned

By admin   |    July 3, 2010 7:26 pm    |   MMA, Sports   |    3 Comments

Saturday the 16th was a day I never thought would come, the day Fedor Emelianenko was beaten!!! Fedor lost by submission in 1:09 of the first round, thanks to Fabricio Werdum. Fedor had held a record of 31-1, the one loss due to a cut above the eye, which he later revenged. Fedor’s loss can actually be good for MMA and Fedor. He obviously is overweight and he hasn’t recently shown the speed of attack that separated him from the rest in the past. He might come into his next fight in better shape. He also was the best because Fedor would spend some time during a fight in his opponents’ skill strength, and still win. He punched it out with Kazuyuki Fujita standup, grounded-and-pounded with Nogueira, wrestled with Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman, kicked with Cro Cop, etc. He obviously went too far with Werdum, leaving his head down and arms extended in Werdum’s guard. Fedor might want to do what Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva do, stay away from your opponent’s strengths and dominate on your terms. It’s not as challenging, but far less risky.

Frank Shamrock Retires

By admin   |    12:30 am    |   MMA, Sports   |    0 Comments

Saturday night’s Strikeforce event in San Jose saw one MMA legend fall (Fedor Emelianenko), while another announced that he was hanging up the gloves for good after a career that spanned 15 years and a record of  23 – 10 – 2. At 37 years old, an emotional Frank Shamrock declared that his time as a fighter had reached its end. “I’m 37 years old now, and my time has come,” he said Saturday. “The stars like Gilbert Melendez and Cristiane ‘Cyborg,’ they’re the future and I am the past. Tonight I announce my retirement. This will be the last time I walk into this cage as a fighter. It was an honor to bleed for you,” he said, “to break my bones for you and to entertain you.” Frank explained in an interview earlier this week that since his fight with Nick Diaz over a year ago, he hasn’t been the same.

Frank Shamrock: It was just my body and the time. I put the machine back in the shop and ramped it up and it just didn’t perform. The last time in my fight with Nick – it used to be that it didn’t matter how hurt I was going into a fight, I always performed. When I fought Nick I didn’t perform. I had injuries that wouldn’t allow me to play my game and to entertain. So I knew when I tried to put my body to work again, it’s done. The machine’s down. I just can’t race it any more.

EvilStar would like to thank Frank for years of incredible fights and wish him luck in life and all his future endeavors.